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Design & Build
Compelling propositions

A value proposition communicates the benefits of your product, service or idea in a clear and simple way. It is not just about the features or capabilities of your offer. It focuses closely on what your customers want and value.

Your assumptions

When it comes to product or service design, you are making assumptions. You need to verify your key hypotheses as early as possible. Validation will help you avoid one of the most common problems, spending time and money building something nobody wants!


Learn from insights
For higher value delivery

Innovation should not avoid any form of management. It may be an unpredictable thing, but that does not mean you cannot manage it. Experimentations will help you learn and discover which parts of your idea are working brilliantly and which are misguided.


Our path to second to none products & services.


Get out of the building! Do you sometimes struggle with corporate innovation? It is because the truth is outside.


Bold Commitments are everything. Every successful product or service deserves a shared, broad, engaging, sweet and crisp vision.


Testing the riskiest assumption first will speed up your experiment cycle and help you make better decision and keep your business track.


Smart companies' business models focus on a customer’s job-to-be-done and generate cycles that, over time, make them operate more efficiently.


User story mapping helps stay focused and deliver the right product at the right time.


The best ideas are worth nothing unless executed. They are just a multiplier. Execution is worth millions.


Nothing matters more than actually delivering products to your users. You may be great at building cool things, but it only matters if you can ship them.


We help you grow your ideas and reach your goals.


Lean Startup Management

We provide a proven scientific approach to creating and managing your new products and services. Helping you deliver value faster to your end users, we’ll work together to meet their expectations and grow your business with maximum acceleration and change the life of your customers.

Intrapreneur Ventures

People often associate innovation and entrepreneurship with lean, mean startups. However, it is not the only way to develop appealing new products. You already have talented people within your company, and we are here to help you develop leadership and grow your internal entrepreneurial initiatives.

Enterprise Startup Studio

Creating the culture and conditions for sustainable innovation is a real challenge. Building a startup studio provides your team with an environment that will help their products thrive. We will support you through the entire construction and growing process of such an infrastructure that enables successful innovation ventures.


Training Courses

Entrepreneurship and innovation management skills do not come out of the blue. Training courses are a valuable way to take your first steps in the intrapreneur lean startup world. We provide a broad range of sessions, from fundamental concepts to advanced practices. They will help you develop the skills that you need to succeed.

Innovation Technologies

Innovation is running fast. A company has to choose between an incredible amount of emergent technologies to design new products and develop services. We will provide your teams with our broad experience and help them choose the right tools to build fast-growing, cutting-edge but sustainable products.

Keynote Speakers

During our journeys, we’ve learned a lot about companies cultures, ways to solve problems, customers expectations. We think that everybody should benefit from this accumulated experience. Therefore, we frequently speak at conferences around the world. We are committed to delighting attendees with engaging tracks.

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